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Asakusa no Brecht ( Brecht in Asakusa ) is a musical road movie written and filmed just with a pocket HD videocamera by the italian composer and saxophone player Gianni Gebbia.
Filmed entirely in Tokyo in the tradional area of Asakusa, this movie starts from a dream-like fiction character inspired by the Buddhist Myth of Maitreya (Miroku in japanese), the Buddha of the Future who appears in a cabaret in Asakusa to become a guide trough the nightlife of this legendary area where the old city od Edo was based.
Asakusa has been the working place of many famous japanese writers, painters and actors including the famous movie director Takeski Kitano. All trough the 20’s and 30’s Asakusa has been the mainplace for enterntainment in Japan, full of theaters and cabarets under the influence of european and american shows.
This area has been considered as the symbol of the so called “ floating world “
made of passions, enterntainment and desires but, at the same time Asakusa has been one of the main religious places too all over Japan due to the huge and old temple. Filmed without a specific documentary aim “ Asakusa no Brecht “ is a sort of alive night diary with some of the artists who repopulates again the nightlife of this area that during the daytime, has been mainly a tourist or pilgrim place.


released October 12, 2013

Musical onirical Road movie
Prizes: 2nd price at Kamakura Zen trailer film festival 2011 Jochiji Temple Kamakura - Japan
Official Selection - Indipendent Filmamkers Showcase Hollywood 2012
Special Recommendation : Improvised Film Festival 2012 Sidney Australia
Official Slection: Radar Indipendent Film Festival Hamburg 2012
with:i Ayachi Claudel,Safi, Sonoda Ikumi, Asakusa Jinta, Baron, Ronsan, Cherry Typhoon, Barbara Murata, Takeda Mayu,Pyramidos
Directed by Jòraku Gianni Gebbia

Producer: Objet-a



objet-a Italy

is a label founded in the early 90's by the italian composer and saxophone player 常楽 Gianni Gebbia.
Regarding our production philosophy, we firmly believe in behaving in a eco-friendly and compatible way releasing digital downloads of fine quality and avoiding the use of plastics and paper who are connected with the production of physical objects.
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