FILM MUSIC vol​.​1: " The Secret voyage " by Raul Ruiz 1993

by Gianni Gebbia objet-a 028



This is the first volume of a series of Gianni Gebbia film music collecting all soundtracks he has composed for various movies since the early 90's.
Vol.1 contains the soundtrack from the movie " Il Viaggio Clandestino " ( The secret Voyage ) vite di santi e peccatori,( 1993) a movie written and directed by the great chilean surrealist Raul Ruiz (1941-2011).
The music is played by Gianni Gebbia with his project Terra Arsa along with the percussionist Vittorio Villa and the singer Miriam Palma.
The movie has been filmed in Sicily and is featuring: Marco Cavicchioli, Enzo Moscato, Stefano Randisi, Enzo Vetrano, Elena Bucci, Marco Sgrosso, Miriam Palma, Veronica Pecoraino, Giuseppina Pecoraino and many others.
Raul Ruiz asked to Gianni Gebbia to compose and also to improvise the music on the movie set.
Some of these music were released in the 90's on the Terra Arsa first album for the italian indie label More Music.
The last track: Ilinx has been the soundtrack for the short movie " Un sogno di lumaca " (a snail's dream ) written and directed by Salvo Cuccia .
One year before Ruiz death, in 2010 Gebbia has collaborated again for a second soundtrack for the movie " L'estate breve " ( Shakespeare saved by teens ) (2010)

Biography of Raul Ruiz:


released October 14, 2013


Gianni Gebbia, voice, sopranino saxophone, accordeon
Miriam Palma : voice, percussions
Vittorio Villa : drums & percussions, voice

Special thanks to: Matteo Bavera,Miriam Palma, Tullio Angelini, Natale Lopes, Mela Dell'Erba, Salvo Cuccia, Edizioni della Battaglia.
Cover picture showing Raul Ruiz and his crew during filming in 1993 by Francesco Troina taken from the book " Vite di Santi e Peccatori - Il viaggio clandestino " Edizioni della Battaglia Palermo

Objet - 028
Produced by Objet-a © 2013

Sicilian sax player and composer GIANNI GEBBIA (1961) is considered among the best
solo saxophone performers of the second generation of solo improvisors (along with Ned Rothenberg, Kang Dae Hwan, Jon Gibson) his music has been featured in many movies, documentaries, dance theatre pieces. His music is deeply rooted in the tradition coming from the italian islands of Sicily and Sardinia where he has been in touch since young age with several launeddas masters and other traditional music and soon after, he has discovered free jazz and improvised music
Gianni Gebbia has collaborated with hundreds of great artists of every discipline among which: Peter Kowald, Fred Frith, Pina Bausch, Masaki Iwana, Samm Bennett, Vanessa Redgrave, and toured mostly as soloist all around the world.
Recently, many young solo saxophone specialists, declared and showed to be influenced by his peculiar style using circular breathing in the so called " polyphonic illusions " approach as in the case of Ryoko Ono, Colin Stetson, John Berndt and many others.
His biography is featured in the Encyclopedia of Jazz by Brian Morton ( Penguin Books ).



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