Sandro Penna : letture al saxofono

by Claudio Lugo



The italian saxophone master Claudio Lugo interpreting the legendary italian poet Sandro Penna using an unique "voice inside the saxophone " approach plus spoken words by the italian composer Sylvano Bussotti and actors Liliana Poli, Franco Di Francescantonio and Gabriella Bartolomei.

About Sandro Penna:


Claudio Lugo (1954), composer, conductor and performer studied composition with Sylvano Bussotti at the School of Music of Fiesole. He is Professor at the Conservatory of Alessandria (Courses of Saxophone, Improvisation/composition and New Notations for Voice) and Professor at University of Genoa (D.A.M.S. Discipline of Art, Music and Show). He teaches Improvisation’s Techniques for Music Therapy Courses of APIM. He has won many awards for composition such as Premio De Paoli, Concorso di Barga Jazz, Premio Traiettorie Sonore di Como, Concorso Internazionale Franco Evangelisti. Lugo has received many commissions from important musical institution. “operaSogno”, a musical theater work from Shakespeare, in 1991 has opened La Biennale Musica of Venice. He was the Artistic Director and main conductor of Piccola Orchestra Meridiana, Italian Jazz Orchestra of AMJ and Ensemble Dissonanzen of Naples. As creator and leader of Impressive Ensemble he has collaborated with some important italian visual artists such as Roberto Masotti, Roberto Merani and Federico Palerma. He has worked with well known improvisers as Joe Henderson, Dave Liebman, Kenny Wheeler, Richard Beirach, John Surman, Louis Sclavis, Yves Robert, Markus Stokhausen, Alvin Curran, Michel Godard, Don Moye. RAI-Radio3 broadcast on several occasions his works. He has written articles and edited chapters for major musical publications. He has released CDs for Mode Records, Itinera and Amirani Records.

Since 2010 Lugo is running a research project (Instant Composer Secluded Setting Tour - Playing for Elves) in which he records impromptu performance in some naturalistic relevant places around the world. Iceland, Greenland, Denmark, Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, Morocco, Mongolia, Namibia, Lapland, Balkan mountains, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Italy are the Countries reached so far.

" Saxophone is an endoscopic instrument. One of the only instruments being so invasive inside the oral cavity of the player ( clarinet and brass or double reeds are less). It explores the resonances of internal cavities amplofying them due to his megaphonic in reality, is more than this in the fusion between organic and inorganic that the player acts.
That's why saxsophone is so changeable in timber and changes dramatically from player to player almost as the human voice.

Since long time I am exploring this sonic relation between inner and outer sides with the help of microphones/microscopes allowing me to amplify and making audible all the micro sounds produced on the border separating /unifying the body of the player from the instrument, the organic sounds from the inorganic ones, moisture from life breaths."

Claudio Lugo



released November 4, 2014

CLAUDIO LUGO : alto saxophone, voice, electronics

Sylvano Bussotti- voice on track 1
Liliana Poli - voice on track 2
Franco Di Francescantonio- voice on track 3
Gabriella Bartolomei- voice on track 4
various voices on track 5


Produced by Claudio Lugo & Objet-a 2014



all rights reserved


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